About Us

ZBIKEWEAR manufactures high quality, low price cycling and triathlon specific clothing.

Our 17 years experience allows us to offer very competitive pricing for exceptional quality and service.

We believe that paying a lot for high quality cycling clothes is overrated.

We sell to distributors, retailers, e-tailers, bicycle stores, bicycle clubs, racing teams, event promoters, wholesalers,
bicycle companies or anyone else that requires custom cycling apparel.

Our Pricing scales go from 6 pieces up to 250 and more, Should you require a larger quantity please contact us
for a quote.

P.O. Box 228208
Miami, FL 33222

Phones: (305) 888-2703 and (786) 210-2079
Fax: (305) 888-2704
E-Mail: zbikewear@comcast.net